Hello, World

Welcome to my new website & blog!

This is the latest rendition of gilldave.co.uk and this time I am building it on the WordPress platform. Doing so affords many benefits over home-grown solutions - mainly I get a bunch of cool stuff (blog, rich text editor, management console, plugins, comments, etc, etc) for almost none of the effort compared to rolling my own or gluing together 3rd party components.

I have not owned a personal blog before but I often get into the spirit of wanting to write for one, especially during the early stages of a personal project or when I succeed at some challenging aspect of software development.

So, I think that is what can be expected of this blog - sporadic posts about a range of computer science or software engineering related topics as I flit about from half-finished project to half-finished project. I often don’t finish them because I do it for self-educational purposes and eventually reach a point where I’ve learned whatever it was I set out to.

Well that’s all for my first blog post!!
In closing, here’s a shout-out to my favourite person Leah’s blog, check it out!