Open-Sourcing Old Projects

I have made the decision to open-source some of my old projects onto Github. These are ones that have not seen any love in a while.

So with no further ado I am excited to announce the open-source debut of 3 such projects:

  • PaprikaLang - A hand-rolled compiler targeting .Net. The Paprika language itself is also an experiment to disguise certain key functional techniques (like reduce/fold and immutability) and present in them more palatable way for the procedurally minded. Paprika has some esoteric syntax that I have not seen all in one language before. Probably at some stage I will write a bigger post about this; (programming) language design has always been an interesting topic for me.
  • GamutOfBlob - My entry for the Week of Awesome IV competition which won 1st prize. Coded in only a week, so don’t judge the code too harshly ;-)
  • GiftStack - Just me messing around with Apache Cordova and OnsenUI to build a simple mobile app. Horribly unfinished but it does demonstrate that I can do the Javascripts when I have to!

So why am I doing this? Really just to show off some of things I’ve done over the years. Why do any of us upload anything to the internet afterall!?

More projects will follow in due course as and when I find the time to excavate them from the darkly depths of old harddrive backups. But I’m pleased that the ball is already rolling!